BikerNext is useful for dating a biker next door

21 century has witnessed the rapid progress of technology and drastic changes of people’s lifestyles, among which, online dating mark the most convincing example. As an increasing number of people start to benefit from the internet, more and more people online dating websites come to the fore to take a share of the profits. However, facing such a tremendous number of dating platforms with uneven qualities, it can be a complex grudge to choose the right one that suits you, especially for singles with a niche hobby, such as motorcycle.

Motorcycle enthusiasts are well known for constantly being a adventure seeker-riding on a two-wheel machine with one’s luggage tightly packed on the back while passing swiftly others like the wind or lightening. However, having a compatible partner can surely bring the joy of motorcycle riding to another level. Knowing exactly what biker singles are looking for and wanting to contribute to the biking community, the fonder , a former professional biker with 10 years of experience, created, one of the most popular online dating websites catering exclusively for bikers.

In the past 8 years, Biker Next has played an essential role for connecting more than 1323,000 singles who share the same passion-motorcycle riding. According to a comprehensive survey, more than half of them are either in a long lasting relationship or happily married. Compared to other online dating sites designed for bikers, the success rate is approximately 3 times higher, which can be attributed to the huge member base on It consists of over 3.4 millions motorcycle singles from 40 countries and 5 continents. Till today, the sheer volume and diversity of the member base still keep attracting a steady inflow of new biker lovers everyday.

Considered as the avant-garde in the field of biker dating, this website is also on its way to becoming the largest professional network tailored for singles who live a motorcycle lifestyle. over 350,000 users who are active on a daily basis gives the website an enduring charm by actively engaging in sharing opinions, stories as well as experiences about motorcycle riding. For biker newbies, it’s not hard to find some useful and practical advice from posts of veteran bikers.

In this age where personal information can be monetized, it is even said that privacy is the price we pay for living in the 21th century. When signing up for any online dating websites, information safety always marks the number one concern for singles, however, not so with BikerNext Unlike other websites whose terms of service are designed written and presented in a way that makes its highly impractical to read, the ones of is completely concise and transparent. Every user’s personal information is strictly safeguarded and all the chatting history is encrypted.

No matter who you are, as long as you share the same riding interest and wish to conduct an active social life, will always be the top choice! Whatever your desire is, friendship, companionship or relationship, is guaranteed to give you the best answer.