What is Dating a Biker Like?

What is it like when you are dating a biker who is living an intense motorcycle riding lifestyle? I guess that’s a question that all the registered members on online biker dating sites would like to know. Since being able to understand their Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle will be of great help when it comes to carrying on the relationship with your biker man or biker women. But, there are several mistakes that people often make when they are dating a motorcycle man or motorcycle women. Let’s take a look at them together in order to better understand your partner as well as optimize your dating experience.

It’s not just a “hobby”
If you consider riding a Harley Davidson bike simply as one of those hobbies that will add the tensions and fire to your daily routine, you are wrong, to a better part. I have made the same mistake before, before dating my husband of ten years, who has been a passionate motorcycle enthusiast for the better part of his life, my understanding of male Harley rider and female Harley rider remains to a back of a biker girl or biker guy who sped up past me on the highway. After our very first date where I set behind his giant four wheeled machine while holding his leather jacket and zooming away from everybody else, my point of view has completely changed. I began to understand why it is such a big deal for the Harley girls and Harley guy to keep up with their motorcycle riding lifestyle, because it is not just a hobby, but more importantly, a passion and a lifestyle which has seeped through all the spectrum and realms of their personality.

They have a rich inner life
I understand that most of your opinions about motorcycle babes and motorcycle dudes on the free Harley dating site is strongly biased. But here is another important note to pay attention if you want to date a hot biker chick or biker dude: coming off as some reckless is not all, they also live a healthy inner life. Why so? Because it is not only the speed and excitement that they are pursuing, but also the meaning of the life. My husband told me that when a motorcycle gentleman or motorcycle lady is riding on their precious motorcycle, they are always thinking about philosophy related questions.

Give him/her personal space
It is only normal that you would like to spend all the time with your man biker or women biker, but if you want to lead a long term and serious relationship with your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle guy, give him or her more time. Whether it is spending time with their friends who are also into the motorcycle riding lifestyle, or practicing their motorcycle riding skills in order to participate in a rally, grand him or her more personal space, which will be of great help for you to take the relationship to another level.

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